August 31, 2012

Well, today started out as a fairly normal day. Then we had a very smelly, gross and overflowing clogged toilet emergency. So like any other family we tried to unclog the toilet ourselves. After having no luck with our home toilet unclogging remedies, we called the plumber to rescue us. 


After about 20 minutes of plumber magic, and $350 later, a yucky and dripping brow, small wooden block was pulled out of the clogged toilet. (Please note the picture below is only a reinactment as no one was willing to get close enough to take an actually picture of the block extraction!)


 After the plumber left, a couple of the kids couldn't stop laughing when they noticed the letter "P" and number "2" that was embossed on the block that was removed from the toilet. (See below the actual block--cleaned-up.) Personally, I didn't think it was THAT funny. It's always something isn't it?


Cactus Attack

August 27, 2012

This afternoon, while hiking around the Newport Aquatic Center with his brother, Richard, who is blind, Saul stepped on a piece of cactus. Yes, that's right the guy with perfect vision stepped on something dangerous!  The thorns of the cactus were so sharp that they actually pierced through Saul's shoe and into the bottom of his foot!


Cactus attacking Saul's shoe

Saul was in too much pain to even try to pull the cactus out of his shoe and foot. All he could do was hop to the car. The five minute walk turned into a 45 minute hop just to get to a place where he could sit down!  Since we couldn't extract the cactus ourselves, we ended up taking Saul to the walk-in clinic. When the doctor tried to remove the cactus from his foot, Saul screamed and said he couldn't stand the pain. Since the doctor at the walk-in clinic was unsuccessful, he sent us to the emergency room.

Saul wheeling into the walk-in clinic

Once in the emergency room, Saul was given some shot and some oral medication to help him relax. After Saul was totally relaxed the doctor was able to remove the cactus thorns from Saul's foot. When Saul was alert again, the doctor checked his foot for lingering pain and luckily there was none. Afterwards the doctor prescribed ten days worth of antibiotics and sent Saul home.   

Saul before cactus extraction

While in the emergency room other patients were laughing and even asking Saul if they could take his picture. Saul was good natured about the whole ordeal and accommodated every picture request. The emergency room doctor sent Saul home with cactus still stuck in his shoe. Great souvenir from this crazy adventure.  All is well that ends well!

All is well that ends well!

Cody's Sacrifice

August 19, 2012

This evening the guys were watching the pay-for-view WWE Summer Slam event. The boys love wrestling and I do let them watch it, against my better judgement. Sometimes when watching wrestling the boys get too excited and super hyperactive. We have to make strict rules of conduct in order for the boys to be allowed to watch WWE. Recently the boys have been very well-behaved while watching wrestling. Except tonight. Near the end of the show Cody got mad because the wrestler he wanted to win did not. Cody started swearing then promptly threw the dog bowl at the television. Luckily the dog dish missed the TV and only hit the video game system.  Despite us trying to intervene right away, Cody grabbed the dog bowl again. He yelled sarcastically, "Oh I'm sorry, I missed!" Then he threw the bowl again and it hit the television right in the center. Cody followed this throw by quickly running up and punching the TV.  Hence the damage you see in the picture below. 

The TV that Cody broke!

Of course the other boys were mad that they were missing the rest of the show.  They were also outraged that Cody broke our big family television. We all decided that Cody needed to sacrifice something that he cared about in exchange for making the family suffer with as broken television. Being the fashion icon that he is, the concensus was the Cody should give-up his prized hair.


 Though it was very upsetting, Cody agreed to the consequence.  During the haircut, Cody's facial expressions made it seem like he was getting his ears cut off! 

Cody sacrificing his hair 8/12

 Luckily for Cody, he is a good looking kid even without hair.Of course,  Cody is a worried if his friends will still like him for his personality only.  Hopefully ,long after his hair grows back and the televion is replaced, Cody will remember that destroying property comes with a heavy consequence.

Cody's new haircut

Hunter and His Art

August 14, 2012

As long as I've known Hunter he has always been a prolific creative writer.  In the past few year Hunter has also taken up painting. He has set-up his garage as an art studio.  He can spend hours at work on his art. I always look forward to receiving original pieces for Mother's Day and my birthday.  Hunter has even displayed and sold some of his work in a shop in downtown Huntington Beach. Hunter says that painting helps him relax from his day-to-day stresses and offers him a chance to put aside his college homework for a while.  

Hunter's pictures often use multi-media including oil paint and water colors. Hunter enjoys exploring his Irish heritage through his art. Hunter hasn't let his quadriplegia get in the way of his creative genius! 
Hunter in his art studio
If you are interested in seeing more of Hunter's art please feel free top contact him through our web site. I will be sure to pass along your e-mails.
Hunter's painting

Oops Our Mistake

August 13, 2012

We just caught a BIG glitch on the new family web site. If you tried to send us an e-mail through the CONTACT US button on the site it was likely that your e-mail bounced back to you or was lost in cyber space.  We didn't even become of the problen until we noticed that we weren't getting any mail.  That was suprising because we were really hoping to get some comments and suggestions about the new site.  Anyeway, the issue is now corrected and you will be able to e-mail us successfully through our web site. Thanks for resending any e-mail that didn't make it to us the first time around. We look forward to hearing from you! 


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