Phillip's New Apartment

July 26, 2012

Phillip recently moved into his own studio apartment in Huntington Beach earlier in the month. He had tried several times living with roommate support but it never worked out. Now Phillip has people supporting him who do not live with him. So far this has been a positive change. Phillip seems happier and even more responsible for keeping his place tidy. Phillip has enjoyed having his brothers over for a visit to watch movies or play video games.  He has even made his brothers lunch!  Phillip has also made a few new friends at his apartment complex. Now that Phillip is settling into his living situation, we are focused on finding paid employment for him.  While we are actively helping Phillip look for work, he continues to do odd jobs here and there.  Its so nice to see Phillip smiling, happy and working toward independence.

Phillip in his kitchen

Thank You Kindly