Jeffrey Goes To Hollywood

July 31, 2012

Jeffrey has been taking acting, comedy and voice-over classes in Hollywood. Most of his classes are sponsored by the Media Access office or the Screen Actor's Guild's Don LaFontaine Voice-Over Lab. Jeffrey has been acting since he was seven-years-old and is represented by KSR Talent Agency in Hollywood. He has been in a number of television shows, commericials, and movies. Jeffrey is now also very interested in voice-over work in the areas of animation. audio books and commercials. Currently Jeffrey is honing his voice-over skills and developing his sigature voice.  He is anxious to make a demo reel and to find voice-over representation.  Of course, Jeffrey will be delighted when he starts booking jobs in the field!  This is a picture of Jeffrey and his fellow students in the voice-over seminar taught by Bob Burgin (the voice of Porky Pig).

Jeffrey's voice-over seminar

 Jeffrey with Bob Burgin after the seminar.

Jeffrey with Bob Burgin (the voice of Porky Pig)

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