OC Fair

August 2, 2012

We all enjoy the Orange County Fair every summer and usually visit several days during the month run. This summer our friends from Moorea, French Polynesia are visiting and we decided to bring them along.  

 Group photo

 After eating our fill of fair food we headed out to carnival rides.

 Charlie and his son

Charlie and his son, Haunui, don't get a chance to ride roller coasters or carnival rides too much so visiting the fair was a big adventure. Charlie was hesitant to ride the bigger and faster rides but his 18-year-old son was game to try almost any ride. It was fun for my guys to bring newbie to the fair. They enjoyed challenging each other to ride the faster and crazier rides. By the end of the evening everyone was pretty exhausted.  Charlie did go on the giant Ferris Wheel!

 Orange County Fair

The guys spent hours riding rides together. It doesn't matter how many times we take the guys to the fair, year-after-year, they never tire of it!   

 Ivan at the fair

Thank You Kindly