Jeffrey Goes To Hollywood

July 31, 2012

Jeffrey has been taking acting, comedy and voice-over classes in Hollywood. Most of his classes are sponsored by the Media Access office or the Screen Actor's Guild's Don LaFontaine Voice-Over Lab. Jeffrey has been acting since he was seven-years-old and is represented by KSR Talent Agency in Hollywood. He has been in a number of television shows, commericials, and movies. Jeffrey is now also very interested in voice-over work in the areas of animation. audio books and commercials. Currently Jeffrey is honing his voice-over skills and developing his sigature voice.  He is anxious to make a demo reel and to find voice-over representation.  Of course, Jeffrey will be delighted when he starts booking jobs in the field!  This is a picture of Jeffrey and his fellow students in the voice-over seminar taught by Bob Burgin (the voice of Porky Pig).

Jeffrey's voice-over seminar

 Jeffrey with Bob Burgin after the seminar.

Jeffrey with Bob Burgin (the voice of Porky Pig)


July 30, 2012

 On Sunday a group of us went to see James Mac Ewan's play, Clue, at the Mirror Theater in North Hollywood. This is James' first production in America and we were super excited to see him on stage. Andrew and Javier were so thrilled to see James as Colonel Mustard that they were hooping and hollering like they were at WWE Summer Slam. It was a little difficult to get them to understand that there is a whole other way to get excited when watching theater! I was just hoping that James wasn't going to get too embarressed by his fan club.

clue 1 20120731 2098908791

   After the play they guys went for an early dinner with Mark, James and James' friend, Tyler, who played Mr. Green in the show. It was a fun day and so cool to finally see James on stage.


James Mac Ewan

The Best Investment Ever

July 29, 2012

Our swimming pool is probably one of the best investments I've ever made. I remember being worried that I might be wasting my money putting in the pool. I thought maybe the kids would tire of it like they so often do with their toys. I also  Despite my initial worries and the on-going expense of pool cleaning and maintenance, our pool has been worth every penny.  The boys use our pool almost every day! Since Wild Rivers was closed at the end of summer last year, the boys have been going swimming at home much more.

Our pool

Since my guys have always been around water since joining the family, most are good swimmers. Although a few of the boys might not ever be totally independent swimmers, we have fiqured out how to get them in the pool too.


Swimming is so wonderful for all of the guys but especially the boys who are not independently mobile on land. Its great to see their smiles when they realize they can move around in the pool on their own. Now that we have finally replaced the broken heater the boys will, once again be able to swim all year long.


Phillip's New Apartment

July 26, 2012

Phillip recently moved into his own studio apartment in Huntington Beach earlier in the month. He had tried several times living with roommate support but it never worked out. Now Phillip has people supporting him who do not live with him. So far this has been a positive change. Phillip seems happier and even more responsible for keeping his place tidy. Phillip has enjoyed having his brothers over for a visit to watch movies or play video games.  He has even made his brothers lunch!  Phillip has also made a few new friends at his apartment complex. Now that Phillip is settling into his living situation, we are focused on finding paid employment for him.  While we are actively helping Phillip look for work, he continues to do odd jobs here and there.  Its so nice to see Phillip smiling, happy and working toward independence.

Phillip in his kitchen

Together Again

July 25, 2012

Jonathan and Jeffrey were super excited for the past few days. Their biological brother, Justin, came down from Northern California for a visit.  After lunch Justin and Jonathan went to watch Jeffrey's horseback riding lessons. Afterwards they went to Jonathan's house to hang out. Though the boys talk frequently on Skype and Facebook it has been almost eight years since they have been together in person. Its amazing how many personality traits and interests that the three guys share despite spending most of their childhood away from each other.  Jonathan and Jeffrey have a few big activities planned for the next few days, but the thing that excites all of them the most is just being able to be together again. 

Bio brothers

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