Saul's New Job

July 24, 2012

Saul started his job today with Good Dog-Dog Talk pet rescue group in West Covina. Saul is so excited to work there two days a week. He will be working with rescued dogs and cats snd preparing them for adoption.

Saul at work
Saul's job includes cleaning up after the animals, bathing the dogs and socializing with all of the rescue animals.  He is working two eight-hour shifts per week. In the future Saul hopes to be able to help place the rescue animals in their new "forever families."
Saul working
Saul loves working with animals so this is the perfect job for him. We are thankful for this opportunity and we are all very proud of Saul's motivation and hard work.
Saul at the kennel

Special Camp for Special Kids

July 23, 2012

A big group of the guys started their second week of Special Camp for Special Kids today. Everyone LOVES this camp, most especially because each camper has his own counselor. How cool is that?!  Every day there are a variety of fun activities for the campers and counselors. Today everyone completed an art project with their counselor, had some free time to get to know each other then ended the day with bowling. The guys were super excited to share about their day when we came to get them in the late afternoon.  The boys are looking forward to going to the beach and Boomers tomorrow!


Band of Brothers

July 13, 2012
The Band of Brothers performed their first live show in San Juan Capistrano.  They were part of the entertainment for a Special Camp for Special Kids fundraiser.  The guys did great and were really excited about the possibility for more "gigs" in the future. We were also contacted by an MTV casting agent to provide a Band of Brothers group photo for a possible chance to perform on an MTV show featuring bands that involved siblings. This was the group photo that we provided. We'll see what happens...

Band of Brothers


July 2, 2012

Welcome to the new Belles-Silcock family website! I am sure you could tell, it was about time for a complete website overhaul.  Our original webmaster stopped providing web maintence service so we used this opportunity to start-over with a new webmaster and a new family website. As you can tell everyone is growing up quickly. Most of the boys are now turning into young men. Instead of trying to update every one of the guy's information quarterly, I thought it might be more interesting for me to maintain a blog on our general family happenings.


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