Our Red Van

August 10, 2012

Our red was in an a bad accident on Thursday. There were four guys being driven to camp when the accident occurred.  The good news is everyone survived with only minor injuries. In fact, the kids were actually able to make it to and from camp that day despite the terrible start that morning. The bad news is, well obvious. Our red van was totaled.  Although we have excellent insurance our fully accessible van was worth more to our family than to the Blue Book. We were originally able to purchase our wheelchair accessible van with money we received from the show "Bank of Hollywood." Although used with quite a few miles, the van was in excellent condition and served us very well.  We were able to be spontaneous with our trips to the doctor and in the community. That van was even able to make it up the mountain to drop-off and pick-up kids from camp. Although we have excellent public transportation in Orange County, taking the city bus is just not the same as being able to jump in the car and go.  We are going to have to tighten our belts for a while in order to save enough money to purchase another wheelchair accessible van.


Dylan's Choice

August 8, 2012

All summer long, Dylan has really wanted to shave his head. Though he kept on pestering me about it, I kept redirecting him away from the idea as I think shaved heads on my guys look a little institutional. I offered a whole bunch of other style suggestion, including a bright read mohawk, to no avail.  Finally today I simply gave in as I  just couldn't hold him back any longer. This is the result: 

I must admit the haircut doesn't look too bad and Dylan was super happy. When I asked Dylan why he wanted the shaved head look he said it was because he wanted to look like one of his favorite wrestlers, Randy Orton. Of course, how could I not know that!
Dylan the wrestler

No Limitz Tennis

August 3, 2012

For five Sundays this summer a few of the boys participated in the No Limitz Tennis program. This free program offered 40 participantsindividual tennis lessons from volunteers at the Tustin Hills Racquet Club. They guys had a wonderful time and the volunteers were awesome! The boys have even started playing tennis with each other during the week.


Over the five weeks the guys improved their skills tremendously.  The boys are feeling really proud of their tennis game and David has even expressed an interest in playing tennis for the Orange County Special Olympics.  We all hope the program will start again in the fall!


 Thanks No Limitz Tennis (especially Bini and Ryan Teng ) for offering our community such a wonderful program!

Cody plays tennis

OC Fair

August 2, 2012

We all enjoy the Orange County Fair every summer and usually visit several days during the month run. This summer our friends from Moorea, French Polynesia are visiting and we decided to bring them along.  

 Group photo

 After eating our fill of fair food we headed out to carnival rides.

 Charlie and his son

Charlie and his son, Haunui, don't get a chance to ride roller coasters or carnival rides too much so visiting the fair was a big adventure. Charlie was hesitant to ride the bigger and faster rides but his 18-year-old son was game to try almost any ride. It was fun for my guys to bring newbie to the fair. They enjoyed challenging each other to ride the faster and crazier rides. By the end of the evening everyone was pretty exhausted.  Charlie did go on the giant Ferris Wheel!

 Orange County Fair

The guys spent hours riding rides together. It doesn't matter how many times we take the guys to the fair, year-after-year, they never tire of it!   

 Ivan at the fair

Andrew to the Rescue

August 1, 2012

For the past year Andrew has been volunteering with the dog rescus, Good Dog-Dog Talk in West Covina.  Andrew was worried that he wouldn't find a job when he finished his high schol and adult transition program. He tried worknig at various job sites, including working in an office but it just wasn't for him.  Andrew wanted to do something to help homeless dogs.  So we  contacted one of our friends who runs a rescue for dogs of all breeds and asked if there was a position for Andrew.

Andrew to the rescue

The rescue was glad to have the help and soon learned how great Andrew is with socializing the bigger dogs. Most of the volunteers have been a little reserved around the big dogs who almost always are full of energy and harder to place with new families. Not Andrew, however!  Andrew loves the big dogs and plays with them for hours during his work days. With all of the extra attention and play time that Andrew can provide these dogs the rescue hopes they will have more potential to be placed in new homes.

Andrew at work

It is great to know that Andrew found a job that he enjoys and that he is making a differance in the lives of these dogs. He looks forward to helping his caine friends to find their "forever families."

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