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For Ann there is nothing more exciting than tapping into each child's potential. Ann continues to be an advocate for her boys' unique educational needs and is proud to report that almost all of her children are fully-included in their local neighborhood schools.  Even the boys who have a special education component to their day are included in several regular education classes. Ann believes that a portion of her sons' educational achievements is due to the opportunity of being educated with  typical peers.  While she has had many people disagree with her philosophy of a fully-included education for all students, no one can disagree with the positive and sometimes awesome results her children continue to demonstrate.

Ann and Stephen

Ann also believes in involving her boys in a variety of recreational opportunities.  She spends much of her time arranging lessons for the boys in sports (Tae Kwon Do, swimming, gymnastics, soccer, etc.), as well as lessons in music, acting, dance, science, and art. Once again, the Belles-Silcock family philosophy of the "dignity of risk" has paid off.  The Belles-Silcock boys' experiences show that having significant disabilities doesn't necessarily prevent participation in typical, age-appropriate activities.
Finally, Ann is excited about finally launching this new family web site so she can "show off" her kids.  She is considering working on a documentary because she has received many inquiries about how her unique family came together and the details of parenting 59 boys.

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